Color Harmonizer - color harmony design toolI've included some interesting and/or fun tools in here. I'm particularly fond of the Pattern Gennerator. It's a helix-based mathematical pattern generator. Begin your adventure into the fundamental forms, shapes, patterns and visual harmonies inherent to the mathematics of sine waves. This design generator assists in the creation of professional logo identities, icons and design-based artwork. Genesis One.2 allows users to search through harmonic wave-patterns for the perfect pattern.

Color Harmonizer - color harmony design toolThe Color harmonizer may be of interest of those designers who want to break out of old color patterns. The design tool assists in the creation of harmonic color schemes. Based in music theory, colors are arranged together in 'keys'. Use this tool to get started developing a color scheme for an exhibit, illustration, web site template, quilt or other color-intensive design project.

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Color Harmonizer David Zelenka 19188