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Carl Sandburg was considered by many as the poet of the people. Sign People's PlaceWhere To? What Next?Teacher's HubThis section contains an Carl Sandburg Home National Historic SiteLogoarchive of some of his poems, reading and songs, film clips, as well as a tour of his family's home and their dairy farm. Look for your contributions in the People's Place, too.

But watch out! Access to this section has been scrambled by the Babbler, a word thief. Look for clues in the Where to? What Next? activity pages.

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What next?

Search for clues in this labyrinth of ten activities. The clues will help you solve the Babbler's Riddle so you can gain access the People's Place.

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Since browsing this entire web site may take more time than you have available, we outlined the site for teachers and provided suggestions for classroom activities. Teachers will also find a list of additional resources, readings, and links. Password assistance is also available.