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Babbler's Suggestion

Related Activity: Where To? What Next?

Procedure: To gain access to the People's Place, students must figure out a word omitted from a Sandburg quote by gathering the letters from clues in nine activities in the Where to? What Next? activity area. Each activity takes an average of 20 minutes to complete. Therefore, collecting all the letters may take up to 3 hours for one individual.

To expedite clue finding in your classroom, break your students up into groups of three or four and have each group take different routes. One group can take the blue line, one the green line and one the red line.

Following one color line will take 45 minutes to one hour. As a classroom, they should be able to solve the puzzle in one or two class periods.

Teacher's Hub

Once they solve the riddle, discuss with them the definition of the word and its connotations. Why was it the "most detestable" of all words to Carl Sandburg? How do your students feel about the word? How has the word affected them in their lives?

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